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The Elevator

Mar 26, 2018

Shaman Durek joins us in The Elevator, and he fills it to the brim with light, love, and high-vibe energy! Shaman Durek is a spirit shaman; he taps into ancient wisdom and ancestral knowledge to help others step into their power and recognize their truest potential. That may sound like a LOT, but one of Shaman Durek’s greatest gifts is the ability to make this journey relatable and understandable.


Shaman Durek goes around the world fighting for women’s rights, bringing awareness to different societies and cultures (like ours), and showing others that Shamanism can be a lifestyle choice. He is elevating the collective conscious of the globe, and we LOVE it!


We chat about:

  • Growing up + training as a Shaman
  • Shamanism as a lifestyle
  • Bringing spirituality + awareness to the masses
  • How anyone can start stepping into their power
  • The necessary evils transforming our world
  • Breaking the wheel of suffering
  • Suffering in vain
  • How we make being a spiritual being more complicated than it needs to be
  • Communicating to the lie you tell yourself
  • Why there is no future, only past and present
  • The arrogance + ignorance being passed on from parents to children in our society
  • Why administrating ayahuasca (or other medicine) doesn’t make you a Shaman
  • Things we are focusing on VS things we should be focusing on




Join Britt + Tara in their membership community: 528 Academy!


We have a beautiful community of high-vibe people, and we want you to to be a part of it! We’re sharing recipes, challenging each other, aligning ourselves with the astrology of the month, and meditating together – and it’s been absolutely insane so far!!


Plus, Britt + Tara will be teaching a LIVE Kundalini Meditation class every quarter!


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