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The Elevator

Mar 5, 2018

Koya Webb is all about self-care, giving to yourself first, and shining your light out into the world to make everything brighter… and if you know anything about us, you know that is what The Elevator is all about!!


Koya is a Celebrity Holistic Health Coach + Yoga Instructor (with a former career as an Olympic track athlete), and she radiates love out of her whole being!! She’s also the creator of the Get Loved Up movement, which is all about bringing compassion to yourself so that you can bring it to others. Koya’s mission is to create a healthier planet, one breath at a time, through holistic healing, oneness, and eco-friendly living, and we are SO excited to share that with all of you!


We chat about:

  • Shifting from Koya’s mindset as an injured athlete to her mindset now
  • Opening yourself up
  • Sharing authentically
  • Using social media to spread your message
  • What it means to Get Loved Up!
  • Connecting in the Aquarian Age
  • The things that distract us
  • Giving + receiving love
  • Veganism as a compassionate lifestyle




We want to tell you all about Natural Shilajit!


Natural Shilajit is an ayurvedic herb that we first heard about a few years ago, when we did one of our first ayurvedic workshops. We love it because it  helps with a little bit of everything: It naturally detoxes your body, helps with energy levels, gives you important minerals + vitamins, and even enhances your libido!


Britt + Tara like to drink it, and it’s really easy! Check out our Coconut Shilajit Vegan Latte Recipe here:


You can order yours by clicking this link!

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