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The Elevator

Mar 12, 2018

Luke Storey joins us in The Elevator, and he brought some style! Luke is a lifestyle design coach, entrepreneur, and the host of The Life Stylist podcast. In a former life, Luke was a celebrity fashion stylist (with a wild side), but he has spent the past 21 years scouring the globe for his “ultimate lifestyle,” becoming a biohacker in the process.


Luke offers a really pragmatic, easy-to-follow way of living a high-vibrational lifestyle, and he’s on the forefront of testing + experimenting with the most cutting edge (and ancient) technologies that the wellness world has to offer.


We are so excited to share his surreal + inspiring journey with all of you, and some of his tips for bringing your best self into the world!!


We chat about:

  • The art of living
  • Being obsessed with feeling good
  • Detoxing + cleansing
  • Luke’s life before + after sobriety
  • Finding + practicing Kundalini
  • The convergence of biohacking + spirituality
  • Biohacking your best self
  • All of Luke’s incredible gadgets + toys
  • Functional medicine practitioners
  • Real talk in the lobby!




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