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The Elevator

Sep 3, 2018

Our conversation with Marissa Lace, the spiritual entrepreneur and all around self-love goddess behind Light Love and Lace, couldn’t have been more perfect and enlightening!


Marissa is a bright light and offers so many tips on self-love + manifesting. We have been lucky enough to befriend Marissa over the past few months, and just love that she shares + embraces her truest, highest self!


We chat about:

  • How we all met
  • Marissa’s elevator pitch
  • Dating/partner relationship + relationship with self
  • Mt. Shasta + crystals
  • What growing up looked like for Marissa
  • The meditation class that got Marissa hooked to the world of crystals (Spellbound Sky)


  • The Year of You: what it is and where it came from


  • Clinging to things, the good and the bad


  • Marissa’s manifesting process


  • Speaking into your shadow self


  • Being actually ready for a relationship & taking things slow
  • Marissa’s #bossbabe tips
  • Our upcoming Bali retreat


  • Q&A from you!




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