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The Elevator

Oct 8, 2018

Everyone loved the last duo episode we did, so today we are having another duo episode for you! There are so many topics we get questions on, and we just love to answer them and help each one of you out on your journey. The two of us are asked all of the time about COMMITMENT and so we wanted to really sit down and open up about it. We consider ourselves committed intuitives, and today we are going to talk about why we believe so strongly in the importance of both. We dive into the ancient teaching behind happiness, and how to manifest happiness! This topic is really important to us, and we can’t wait for you to listen!


We chat about:

  • Rigid vs. Commitment
  • Our journey with commitment
  • How commitment is a grounding force
  • 7 steps to happiness
  • How to decide on what to commit to
  • Rise Up! And how it helps you commit to something



We are SO excited to sponsor this week’s episode with our 8 week course, RISE UP. Our Fall 2018 course is now open for enrollment and will be closing on October 11th! This powerful program is full of Kundalini yoga, chakra balancing, spiritual guidance, and how to live an even more high vibe lifestyle. (Plus SO much more!) RISE UP is honestly one of the best things that we have ever created, and we are just so excited to share this awesome community with you all! Go to to learn more!

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