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The Elevator

Oct 15, 2018

Today we have one of our good friends, Andrea Davis, on the podcast! Andrea is an extremely gifted and intuitive family constellation therapist. She consults worldwide with doctors, psychotherapists, Buddhist teachers, and the Yoga community in order to build deeper spiritual practices and overall better well-being. Andrea will definitely be back on the podcast to talk even more about what she does, and how she continues to grow and expand her practice. We are really excited for you all to hear this episode, it truly was spectacular!


We chat about:

  • How we met Andrea
  • What Andrea does and why she gravitated towards it
  • Tapping into your purpose/calling
  • How things are happening on a more global level
  • Opening your heart  
  • What Andrea is noticing with depression and anxiety within her sessions
  • What it’s like stepping into someone else’s energy
  • Creating ways to hold in the healing
  • Andrea’s favorite way to elevate herself
  • Lobby Talk! Upcoming events, Bali, and more book news!




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