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The Elevator

Oct 29, 2018

This conversation with Kelsey Patel was so healing, and we aren’t surprised! Kelsey is a Reiki Master, meditation teacher, EFT specialist, yoga instructor, AND self-described empowerment coach. She does so much in the world! Kelsey also leads beautiful workshops, and runs her own company, Magik Vibes, which is a monthly subscription box filled with amazing tools to help people on their healing journey. We are so happy that we spoke with her, because Kelsey’s calling and mission are so in line with ours: helping people stand in their own power and truth, and really lead fulfilling lives. This episode is full of incredible information, and Kelsey even guided us through a live meditation. It was so fun to be in Kelsey’s presence!


We chat about:

  • Meeting at The GOOD Fest!
  • Starting each day off right
  • All the elements of life that Kelsey is involved in
  • Kelsey being a feeler + how that enhances her in life and work
  • Getting started + feeling like an imposter
  • Seeing + feeling energy
  • Protecting yourself from outside energies
  • Changing practice up with the seasons
  • Kelsey’s take on cleanses + her favorites
  • An incredible reiki meditation from Kelsey
  • What an attunement is and why it’s important
  • Reiki talk!
  • What’s to come for Kelsey
  • Lobby Talk: what we are up to + what’s coming!




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