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The Elevator

Aug 26, 2019

When Adina Diaz was 10 or 11 she watched a program on Cleopatra, picked all her neighbour’s roses then took all the milk out of her mom’s fridge and created a milk and rose petal bath for herself. She had to apologize to the neighbor and her mom but that’s also when it became clear she was destined for a career in beauty. Today Adina is the owner of Natural Feeling Spa, where she offers an uplifting and luxurious experience that is fully eco-friendly and inspired by Mother Nature. She is an expert on non-toxic skincare and brings Reiki and sound healing into her treatments. 


We chat about…

  • How the beauty products Adina stocks are all by women-owned brands
  • How Adina felt called to add Reiki and sound healing to her treatments 
  • How healing is in Adina’s lineage
  • Float tanks


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