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The Elevator

Sep 2, 2019

Today's episode is all about letting go to let abundance flow. There's always multiple ways of looking at change. You can look at it as something that is a detriment to you, that's going to ruin your life and make you super uncomfortable, or you could be really excited about it because you have a good relationship with the unknown and what it could possibly do for you. We see change as a good thing that’s necessary for you to elevate and ascend your life.


We chat about…

  • Eclipse season
  • How we were forced to change our domain name two years ago, and now we couldn’t imagine it any other way
  • The G.O.D. cycle
  • Seeing things crumble before new things come in
  • How the universe works in a vacuum
  • How much we have let go of lately and how much has been delivered
  • Connecting to the divine feminine


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